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Bag NiQUA Deals

Jane   29 Mar , 2015  

It was an intimate but fun afternoon, where a handful of bloggers were invited to the NiQUA auction at the Habitual Coffee in Home Depot, J. Vargas Avenue. In celebration of NiQUA’s first year, the whole place was filled with NiQUA bags, even the windows display, too!   I really had no clue what the […]

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First of Many Firsts with Pampers

Jane   26 Mar , 2015  

When I was approached to work with Pampers as one of their digital ambassadors, I was excited and honored. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with the pioneer baby diaper brand? The Pampers team kept everything a secret until the very end, where we were invited to the intimate media launch recently at Active […]

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Customized Corsets

Jane   24 Mar , 2015  

The genuine art of corset-making is known by only a handful in our country, even less appreciated.  Mention the word to the younger generation and they think it’s just another fashion piece.   But to those who got married, and to those who gave birth, most of them would know about the benefits of wearing […]

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Ready Steady Go Kids!

Jane   23 Mar , 2015  

I was invited by my good friend Mich to her sister’s company’s intimate lunch last week. Together with three other partners, they brought in Ready Steady Go Kids. I’ve heard of this program last year from friends and in my facebook feed. I guess they are more confident now on their offerings, as they officially […]

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Locavore- Pinoy Comfort Food At its Best

Keri   21 Mar , 2015  

I’ve been seeing a lot of Locavore food posts by friends and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is owned and being run by my friends Alta and Speedy Lyttle, Tin Matic, Carla Mercado, and Charlton Yu.   You know the place serves good food when people go out of their way for […]


Sacred Pregnancy and Conscious Birth

Jane   20 Mar , 2015  

Monica Manzano-Eleazar is on a mission to help moms and mom-to-be make the whole pregnancy experience a bit more special with her workshops. We’re sharing with you here her e-mail to us: Are you looking forward to an empowered and balanced birth experience?   Would you like to prepare yourself physiologically and emotionally to a […]


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The Revlite Magic

Keri   19 Mar , 2015  

I rarely go to the dermatologist .  The rare times I’ve gone has always been due to my freckles.   Yes, I have “Lindsay Lohan Freckles” except  I don’t have them on my shoulders, I do have some on my arms.  I remember back when I was in 3rd grade, my classmates would ask me […]

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Mango Ube Symphony by Bono Gelato

Jane   17 Mar , 2015  

I have been a fan of BONO Artisanal Gelato since it first opened in SM Makati (They were asked to move out when SM Makati was under renovation, so we will keep you posted). I was still with Forever 21 back then, so it was easy to just swing by the BONO hehe…   Come […]

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Coco Dolce The Healthy Chocolate

Keri   17 Mar , 2015  

I love chocolate- local or imported.   Coco Dolce, in particular, makes me happy because it’s made of natural ingredients including organic coconut sugar. This kind of sugar is from coconut palm trees and known to be nutritious with low glycemic index compared to white (processed) sugar.  Also, according to the Philippine Department of Agriculture, […]

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MAC Cosmetics work with Power Couple Toledo

Jane   15 Mar , 2015  

Honestly, I had to refresh my fashion and art memories as I googled the couple. And they are indeed a powerful pair that complemented each other. Ruben is the artsy one, whose known for his illustrations with works that included making mannequins for his clients such as Barneys. Isabel is the stylish one, who has […]

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