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Christmas party at MindChamps Greenhills

Jane   28 Dec , 2017  

Our youngest and only daughter’s very first program on stage with MindChamps Greenhills. Here’s what greeted us as soon as we entered the function room: our cutiepie LJ painting 😀




I was so excited to see her go up and enjoy her very first Christmas party with her schoolmates. Here she is in a pretty dress given to her by her be-ko, and we borrowed a cardigan from her cousin G. We “checked her in” by the side of the stage to get her prepped for the program proper.

mindchamps christmas party



But, before the program started, each of the students were asked to go on stage and present to us their Christmas gift for us. How sweet!


Here’s a tightshot:


Just look at that face hihi… she’s so giddy!

I think we have a star!


As soon as the program ended, us parents were asked to participate in a little healthy competition of arts and crafts by making our very own parol.



I was actually surprised that hubby was game haha… He would normally let me do all the crafting stuff, but being the handyman that he is and there was time constraint, he helped out 😀IMG_8374


There it goes up on the wall, along with the other parols. What do you think? Did we win?


Yes!!! We bagged second place, and missed getting the grand prize by a few points.

Still, not bad and great team work with the hubby hihi…


It was my first time to attend a school party where the parents’ participated. It was refreshing to see all of us parents get into the spirit of Christmas with our parols. I’ve hung up ours by our main door, and it’s a reminder of what Christmas is all about: love and family.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thank you, MindChamps Greenhills for hosting a wonderful party!

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