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5 tip to boost your kids’ creativity

Jane   16 Feb , 2018  

Friends know me as the DIY mom who loves getting into creating projects. I find it challenging to make my things on my own and I hope to pass this on to our three children. Here are some of the things I do at home with them:

1) I always have a painting set that includes a big table (to make sure there is less spillage), paint, paint brush sets, recycled jars (where I put water)  and poster paper. This way, I get to let their imagination run wild and see where their interests lie.



2) I buy activity books whenever I get the chance to do so. From paper creations that need cutting and pasting, I get to develop their motor skills and let them learn how to follow instructions. If you are on a tight budget, there are so many free printables online that you can start with.



3) I always have a big box of chalk for them to write on our board (I got ours from Ikea), and we let them play outside as well. Motor skills are developed here as well. Letting them write and draw on the big cemented floor outside might be overwhelming at first but it gives them the freedom that they can do anything. Big things start from small beginning, right?



4) Puzzles! Whether it be actual ones or via a tablet, I believe in them (and Math hehe… ). Equipping them to solve problems and not giving up will surely help them in the long run to never give up on life’s problems that come their way. Problems are like road blocks, and you need to be creative in finding other ways to get out of them and find solutions.



5) Read books with them. Let them imagine the world and the scenes written in the books. Talk to them after, and ask them what they love about the book, which character they love and why, what the character could have done: this is where you give your kids the chance to get creative and think of other possible scenarios and make their own story plots.



For all these, good thing we have Scotts DHA gummies that the kids love! They can’t stop having them because they taste so good. Remember our time, when we had them in Fish Oil version? haha… DHA is Docosahexaenoic Acid (I know, it’s a mouthful to say haha…) that is an essential fatty acid for healthy brain development and normal brain growth.  With just 3 gummies (their recommended daily serving), your child can get the recommended 15% intake of DHA, as per World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States of America.


This, supplemented with creative activities for brain development, supervised by us as parents (of course!), will definitely help you in raising a child with high Emotional Quotient. And don’t we all wish for this?


How about you? Please do share your tips on how to boost your child’s creativity 🙂

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