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Bag NiQUA Deals

Jane   29 Mar , 2015  

It was an intimate but fun afternoon, where a handful of bloggers were invited to the NiQUA auction at the Habitual Coffee in Home Depot, J. Vargas Avenue.

Habitat Coffee

Habitual Coffee glass

Don’t you just love how fun their glass door is with all the colorful handwritten text?

I love the sleek wooden + undone cement floor interiors

I love the sleek wooden fixtures + undone cement floor interiors. Special NiQUA tokens were placed on the seats for the attendees.

In celebration of NiQUA’s first year, the whole place was filled with NiQUA bags, even the windows display, too!
NiQUA window display

NiQUA complete bags display

Along with the small wooden accents that Habitual Coffee sells, the latest NiQUA bags were on display.


I really had no clue what the afternoon was, until I saw these on my table:

NiQUA bidding materials

Along with the NiQUA leather tokens, we were given two small chips, P5,000 play money, and a “ping pong” paddle for the auction that afternoon.

The small chips were for us to place on the bags that we like. The play money, well, is for us to use for bidding. And the paddle is to make sure we get first dibs —- whoever raises the paddle first gets to bid first.

While waiting for the guests to arrive, my table mates and I were served delectable snacks by Habitual Coffee.

Habitual Coffee table food

I do not drink coffee, but I heard from fellow guests that they serve great coffee. But I had their tea, and it was pretty good, too!


Drinks from Detoxify Bar


This is our favorite: the grilled cheese sandwiches and French Toast bread with honey 😛

And we’re ready! Bunny of NiQUA starts the bidding:



NiQUA bags 1

The SGETTI totes are simple and sturdy, while the CARTELLE flap sling bags are perfect for everyday travels. I love the outer front pocket of the SCACCO tote the most.

NiQUA bags 2

I think the SECCHIO bucket bags will be a hit for sure, while the SCACCO tote bags are very versatile.

NiQUA bags 3

The DOTTORE collection are classic doctor’s bags that come with leather sling straps.

NiQUA bags 4

This SCARTE collection is one of my favorites. Made from scrap leather, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Real Life Foundation.


The bidding went fast, and we were all happy campers. Most of us got to bring home two bags on the average hihi… The price range of these bags are from P2,295 to P5,995. Pretty good price range for genuine leather, if I may say so. And it feels good to support locally-made products, don’t you agree?

Selected NiQUA bags were up for bid this month (which ended last Saturday), but you can still get your hands on their bags with their great deals. Click on the text below per photo to go to the promo links:

Any 2 bags for P6,000NiQua P6k promo for 2 bags

Any 2 bags for P5,000NiQua P5k promo for 2 bags

Any 2 bags for P4,000

NiQua P4k promo for 2 bags

Any 2 pairs for P3,500

NiQua P3.5k promo for 2 pairs of shoes

To know more about NiQUA, you can follow them on twitter, instagram, or visit their website.

Happy 1st Birthday, NiQUA 😀

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