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In Her Shoes: Monica Eleazar-Manzano

Keri   6 Jul , 2015  

Monica happens to be one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever encountered. At her young age, she has successfully lived and pursued what she’s most passionate about- be it yoga practice, practicing a holistic lifestyle, advocate for conscious birth, traveling, etc. I admire her bravery and her determination to live up to her ideals […]

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The Body Shop Sale Finds

Jane   17 May , 2015  

We all want to be smart shoppers, and we help others become smart shoppers, too! So, here I am now, sharing with you my finds from The Body Shop’s on-going sale until June 3.   A lot of bestsellers are on sale. I got two bottles of the Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray — one for […]

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World Class Filipina by Cream Silk

Jane   4 May , 2015  

Keri and I attended Cream Silk Portraits at the Theater of Solaire last month. It was a very simple but powerful show, and we all came out truly inspired to be the best that we can be. As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, Cream Silk was able to inspire so many women that night, […]

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Bag NiQUA Deals

Jane   29 Mar , 2015  

It was an intimate but fun afternoon, where a handful of bloggers were invited to the NiQUA auction at the Habitual Coffee in Home Depot, J. Vargas Avenue. In celebration of NiQUA’s first year, the whole place was filled with NiQUA bags, even the windows display, too!   I really had no clue what the […]

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Customized Corsets

Jane   24 Mar , 2015  

The genuine art of corset-making is known by only a handful in our country, even less appreciated.  Mention the word to the younger generation and they think it’s just another fashion piece.   But to those who got married, and to those who gave birth, most of them would know about the benefits of wearing […]

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The Revlite Magic

Keri   19 Mar , 2015  

I rarely go to the dermatologist .  The rare times I’ve gone has always been due to my freckles.   Yes, I have “Lindsay Lohan Freckles” except  I don’t have them on my shoulders, I do have some on my arms.  I remember back when I was in 3rd grade, my classmates would ask me […]

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MAC Cosmetics work with Power Couple Toledo

Jane   15 Mar , 2015  

Honestly, I had to refresh my fashion and art memories as I googled the couple. And they are indeed a powerful pair that complemented each other. Ruben is the artsy one, whose known for his illustrations with works that included making mannequins for his clients such as Barneys. Isabel is the stylish one, who has […]

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New TRESemme: Split Repair Range

Jane   13 Mar , 2015  

I’ve tried a lot of hairstyles. When I was in grade school, I was even coaxed by my mom to have Demi Moore’s hair from her Ghost movie. That was the first and last. It was a pain to grow it out. The next time I had shorter hair was before I gave birth to […]

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DIY: Ribbon Headband

Jane   6 Mar , 2015  

Our yaya has been asking me for two things for our 3-month-old baby girl: (1) cute headbands and (2) have her ears pierced. Her reason was so that our baby girl will look like a “girl.” Having her ears pierced was out of the question for now, but the cute headbands, I don’t mind. Now, […]

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Tory Burch A/W 2015 show – LIVE!

Jane   17 Feb , 2015  

Tory Burch is one of those ladies that I am most amused with, as she has made a successful empire of things that she loves. Her color palette and choice of prints are always eye-catching and fun! Can’t wait for her Fall 2015 fashion show for New York Fashion Week tonight. You can come back […]

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