Sky City Apartments at Newport

Keri   5 Jun , 2015  

While researching on places to stay in NYC for a family of 8, I’ve chanced upon SkyCity Apartments through,, and  I was pretty hesitant at first because its located in New Jersey and not Manhattan but the reviews were all good and the photos of the place looked amazing. Plus, you get […]

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A Day Trip To Martha’s Vineyard

Keri   3 Jun , 2015  

Martha’s Vineyard has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember.  My mom and I would always follow stories on the Kennedys and Martha’s Vineyard had been known to be  their second home.  It’s also a favourite vacation spot of US Presidents.   So while my husband was in Cambridge for […]

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Eleven Madison Park

Keri   31 May , 2015  

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get a last minute reservation at Eleven Madison Park.  Chef Daniel Humm’s 3 star Michelin restaurant is #5  in S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Restaurants 2015 and located at Madison Ave at 24th Street in NYC. So here was what we had for the night…     You’re […]



Discovering La Presa

Keri   11 Apr , 2015  

“I want to go to La Presa!” – We just arrived in Baguio and this was my daughter’s answer to our question of what she would like to do during our 4 day stay in the City of Pines.  “What’s La Presa? ” , I asked.  She explained that La Presa ( which is located in […]

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Celebrating at Mama’s Table

Keri   10 Apr , 2015  

I first heard about Chef Vicky Clemente’s beautiful place back in 2011. I’ve celebrated my 32nd birthday there  in February 2012  and it was truly magical- both the food and the place. My birthday celebration back in 2012       For my youngest son’s 2nd birthday, I suggested on having his birthday back at […]

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Seoul Eats

Keri   10 Mar , 2015  

  I make it a habit to check tripadvisor, yelp, open table, etc to find good food places to try before traveling to another country.  Last November, I flew to Seoul with 2 of my girlfriends for a quick 3 day food trip. JUNGSIK Address: 83-24 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Contact: +82 2-517-4654   First stop […]

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Travel Destination: Wilson’s Place in Tagaytay

Jane   9 Mar , 2015  

We can all feel the heat. Summer will be here soon, and we’ll all be raring to go to the beach or somewhere cooler. Funny how we deal with summer, noh? It’s either we enjoy it via the beach, or we fight it off by going to a cooler place – extremes! Anyways, a few […]

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Noma Made Me Eat Veggies (and it was worth it!)

Keri   17 Nov , 2014  

There was no way I would be visiting Copenhagen without dining in Noma.  Even if my fingers were forming blisters already,  I was going to keep refreshing the restaurant’s website til I get my reservation… and I did!  I didn’t read any reviews on the restaurant so as not to spoil my whole Noma experience […]

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DIY Norway In A Nutshell

Keri   10 Nov , 2014  

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is Norway.  In fact, Disney’s Frozen patterned the country of Arendelle after the city of Bergen,  while the  castle was  inspired by the Akershus Fortress which is found in Oslo. Bergen was our first stop in Norway.  We stayed at the Clarion Collection Havnekontoret […]

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A Glimpse of Stockholm

Keri   10 Oct , 2014  

Looking down above Sweden from the plane I couldn’t help but be in awe of how clean and green the place is.  So many trees, clean water,  and not a single trash in sight.  How I wish our country can learn and adapt some of their methods in keeping our environment healthy for everyone. You […]

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