Christmas-themed family videos make me cry

Jane   9 Jan , 2019  

When my friend Millet Liberato-Simeon asked me to check out El-Real’s Christmas videos last December, I knew I was in for a tear-fest haha… I get sentimental easily, especially when it’s about family and parenting.


Ever since I can remember, I was always in charge of making sure our family of five goes out to have Sunday lunch. Even until I got married, I would convince my husband to go out to have meals with my family and his. It is very important to have a few hours of happy meal time with our loved ones.


So, you can expect me to cry a little in all three of El-Real’s videos that were released. Here they are:





Ehem, did you cry like me?


I think I’ll be like that grandma in the video when I have grandchildren. This grandma actually reminds me of my super nice mother-in-law who loves to cook and prepare for our whole family. Thank you, El Real, for reminding us what Christmas (and any reunion) should be about… making #RealUnions and #RealMoments.



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