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Collonil the Leather Protector

Keri   1 Oct , 2015  

Collonil just made all my leather goods happy! The Protect Spray does an amazing job in protecting your new bags, shoes, etc from stains. The soft gum is my other favourite because it does a great job in removing dirt from the leather. I’m thrilled that Collonil has reached our shores, their products are a must try for all bag/shoe lovers out there 🙂


1909 Supreme Protect Spray
High-quality waterproofing and care product in one spray.
– Special ingredients protect materials from dampness and grime
– Prevents dirt penetration, snow and water marks
– Prolongs the durability and maintains the look
– Refreshes color and cares for leather


Material Compatibility
– Suitable for raw and fine leather like brushed leather, nappa and cordovan, nubuck, suede, fashion leather, textile as well as material combinations
– Recommended for use on shoes, bags , purses, and jackets

– Spray evenly from a distance of at least 15 to 20cm onto the cleaned surface of the material. Do not buff. Allow to dry thoroughly
– Use outdoors or in a well ventilated area

– Protect all new shoes and bags by spraying at least twice before first use
– Always remove surface dirt and mud before waterproofing, this can be done by brushing
– After spray has dried out completely on its own, other care products can be applied
– For continued protection and nourishment, re-apply regularly

waterproof your new shoes with Collonil's 1909 Supreme Protect Spray

waterproof your new shoes with Collonil’s 1909 Supreme Protect Spray


Soft Gum Classic ( cleaning rubber)
– Removes dirt like dark streaks from the surface of the material
– washable

Material Compatibility
– Suitable for smooth leather, fine leather especially light nappa, fine nubuck and suede, textiles as well as microfibers, patent leather, fashion leather, metallic leather and synthetics

– Ensure that the material is dry. Gently rub marks with the soft rubber




1909 Leather Lotion
– revives leather
– contains oils for deep, long-lasting conditioning

Material Compatibility
– Suitable for the finest leather bags, shoes, and leather goods
– Suitable for smooth and fine leather

– Dispense lotion on Collonil cloth. Apply sparingly and evenly onto cleaned surface of the material. Dry thoroughly.
– Once dry, buff with Collonil cloth or brush

* It is much effective to apply a few light coats than one heavy coat
* To prevent leather goods from getting dry and brittle, re apply regularly. Conditioning creams should be re applied every 2 to 3 weeks


Polishing Cloth
– Cloth for applying and polishing care products on smooth surfaces

Fine Polishing Brush ( The perfect finishing product)
– densely packed with real natural goat hair
– Finest and softest bristles provide smooth and gleaming surfaces

* Brushing removes dirt and dust

Collonil Leather Care Reminders:

1. Make it a habit to brush. brush. brush. Oils are still on leather and on the brush. Even without applying any product you are already polishing and cleaning.

2. It is best to waterproof immediately after purchasing your shoes or bags.

To Order Collonil Products:

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