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Customized Corsets

Jane   24 Mar , 2015  

The genuine art of corset-making is known by only a handful in our country, even less appreciated.  Mention the word to the younger generation and they think it’s just another fashion piece.

Betty's Body Form 1


But to those who got married, and to those who gave birth, most of them would know about the benefits of wearing a corset:

(1) making you instantly look slimmer by taking off at least 2-3 inches from your waist

(2) helping you lose inches around your waist by wearing it everyday.

Ask them where to have one made, and they will surely recommend “Betty’s.”

An icon in her own right, Betty Rulloda has been making corsets since 1965.  Celebrities, politicians and socialites have asked her to make customized corsets for over four decades.  And why wouldn’t they? Betty’s girdles, or what’s called the “Magic Camison” come with a lifetime free of alterations: every time you lose the inches, her team can tighten it up for you so you can continue losing inches.


Actress Amy Austria, with Betty Rulloda, is a loyal fan of Betty’s corsets.

Actress Amy Austria, with Betty Rulloda, is a loyal fan of Betty’s corsets.


All these I learned from, who else, but my mom.  She has been religiously wearing Betty’s corsets ever since she gave birth to me.  Her slim figure is a testament to the benefits of wearing a girdle.  And being an obedient daughter, I had girdles made a few weeks (or even days, I think) after I gave birth.  That, with a healthy lifestyle and diet, got me slimmer faster. I still use all my old corsets from my first pregnancy, I just have it altered all the time – now, that’s worth every peso spent.

Although best known for it’s slimming benefits, corsets are also used in the medical field.  It also serves as a posture corrector and helps relieve back pain problems such as Sciatica, which causes severe pain on your legs or lower part of your body.  Betty Rulloda proudly shares that they are “recommended by doctors and specialists for scoliosis and osteoporosis prevention and treatment.” Of course, it is always recommended that you ask your doctor’s advice before giving Betty’s a call.


Betty's Body Form Benefits


Like any other corset or girdle, wearing these can make your body sweat, but wearing Betty’s gives you more comfort as it’s made of breathable cotton.  And unlike the stretchable mainstream ones, Betty’s (when worn) keeps your figure the same all throughout the day.  It doesn’t follow the size of your bloated tummy, after eating a heavy meal.  In fact, it keeps your appetite in check, as one can only eat as much your girdle can expand 😉

Actress/Professional Dancer Regine Tolentino is also a fan of Betty’s: “As a professional dancer being sexy and slim is a major factor with my career. Thanks for Bettys body form, it really helps me in my posture and to keep me fit. I love you Mommy Betty, you make me sooooo sexy.”

Champion Musclemania Universe Jerick Ternida wears a men’s version of the corset—a supplement he wears when he does his regular exercises and weightlifting sessions.Take your pick from cotton and lace fabrics.  Color options are also available in black, beige and off-white.

Betty's Body Form for men


Betty’s latest invention—for those who prefer to wear their own brassiere.  Plus, upper-back muffin-top bulges resolved with this sando-corset version.  This can also work for breastfeeding moms. Although I personally wear the classic style (first photo on top), and just ask them to take out the brassiere, so the corset starts right below my breasts.

Prices vary, depending on style and fabric options. There are lace fabrics, but I still go for the plain cotton ones. You can click on this link to check out their offerings. And upon your first visit, you can get your corset right away. They have a lot of sizes that are ready-made, and once you try them on, they will alter (to tighten) it on the spot for you. Betty’s Body Form can also go to the comforts of your home, with no delivery charge, but with a minimum quantity order.


*Betty’s Body Form is located at Unit 9 Ground Floor Sunshine Square, Liberty Plaza, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City—beside Puregold Shaw.  For inquiries and appointments, you may call 532-0501 and 544-1325; mobile nums: 0999-8144407 or 0932-8506165; or visit their website at Store hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm

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