Three kids. Three kids all going to school now. Last week was their first week of school, and we didn’t even have a yaya then. Thank goodness for having a husband who is very supportive, and we have been taking turns taking care of the three kids: going back and forth from the house to the school.¬†This week is the start of real school, with our eldest son spending almost the whole day in school, while our second son stays there for half a day, and our third, for about three hours.
Here we are, bringing JP to his first day school on a rainy gloomy day.
To prep him for a bigger classroom setting, the teacher provided coloring materials for them while we wait for the bell to ring at 730AM
How nice that they pray to start the day ūüôā
Here we go, letting go! Sniff…
Nido X JP

Here are my top 5 tips to getting the kids (and me) ready for school:

1.    prepare print outs of the schedule of all our three kids for the whole week. I placed them on strategic spots such as

     a.    the dirty kitchen for the driver and the yaya (who we just got! Hooray!)

     b.    on the refrigerator in the clean kitchen

     c.    on the wall of the kids’ room

     d.    on the wall in our room
2.    teach the kids every night to prepare the school bags for the next day, including an extra set of clothes, raincoat, jacket and towel. We want our kids to learn the importance of good hygiene and this is always a must.
3.¬†¬†¬†¬†ask them how their day was before going to sleep, so I know if they have any¬†problems, concerns (and feelings) that I need to help them sort out. We all want our kids to look forward to going to school. They will eventually spend more hours there than at home… (insert tear drops here…huhu…)
4.¬†¬†¬†¬†make sure they sleep early so they don‚Äôt feel tired the next day. It is important that they are alert and receptive to learning. When I pick them up from school, I always ask them how their day went and what they learned. I tell them how excited I am to learn from them, and their eyes lit up to share their day with me. It’s like a refresher course for me, too! Hehe…
5.¬† ¬†¬†My husband and I grew up drinking Nido, and it’s our go-to milk for the kids, too! We always prepare a glass of Nido 3+ milk every morning and night. It has vitamins and minerals that equip them as they go about their day, which includes Lactobacillus Protectus with L rhamnosus that may help support their respiratory defenses, ¬†Prebio3 that helps support their digestive system; Iron, Zinc, Selenium Vitamin A and Vitamin C that help support their immunity, and DHA, a building block of the brain.¬†If you’re a mom on-the-go just like me, you can also visit¬†¬†to buy Nido 3+ online and have it sent straight to your home.
I think we’ve covered pretty much our personal “basics” for getting the kids ready for school. I am confident that this school year will be great one, as long as I keep the kids (and myself) in check with these top five tips that I shared here in this post. How about you? How do you prepare for school? I’d love to learn from you, too!

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