Food Coma at Chef’s Table (at Brooklyn Fare)

Keri   6 Jun , 2015  

I enjoy doing research in advance on food places every time we have a trip planned.  It could take me weeks to decide which restaurants I (together with my husband) would finally book.  I had a long list for our NYC trip but finally decided on 2:  Eleven Madison Park and Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.   The latter had just been awarded with 3 Michelin stars, the first and only (for now) in Brooklyn.

Making reservations at Chef’s Table has been the most challenging restaurant I’ve ever tried getting seats at.  I wrote them an email 2 months ahead to be told that they only take reservations 6 weeks in advance and I’ll have to call.  So I waited another 2 weeks , took me an hour and a half to get through but thankfully I was able to secure 2 seats.  I was really curious about Chef Cesar Ramirez and his food.  So after I gave my credit card details to secure my reservation,they sent me a confirmation via email stating their guidelines.  The important ones I took notice were :

1) The price.

2) Men need jackets. No jeans, sneakers, or flip flops.

3)No note taking or photo taking allowed. Avoid using your cellphones in the restaurant.


We arrived 15minutes late for our 745pm reservation but Chef Cesar Ramirez was kind enough to still serve the dishes we had missed.  The place sits only 18 people in a U-Shape counter.  My husband and I were so amazed at how Chef Ramirez would prepare each dish so passionately and precise.  I was in complete awe,  I’ve never seen anyone so into his food as he was.  My impression of him was that he was a serious person but still very personable.  He was very gracious towards his guests and would willingly answer questions about himself.  It was truly an amazing culinary experience  , the best so far !  The food was beyond delicious that our visit here is the highlight of my trip.   Since we weren’t allowed to take photos, all 20 (more or less)  courses were mind blowing but I really saw fireworks upon taking a bite of the Uni with a generous amount of black truffle, the foie gras “foam”, and the beef that was a cross of wagyu and angus (really juicy minus the fat).  I’m not a fan of green tea ice cream but I really liked their version.

with the amazing Chef Cesar Ramirez

with the amazing Chef Cesar Ramirez


having the best meal of our lives at Chef's Table

having the best meal of our lives at Chef’s Table


Surreal dining experience at Chef's Table  at Brooklyn Fare

Surreal dining experience at Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare


I’m already dreaming of my next visit to Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare.  Everything was just amazing and I would give up shopping to dine here, that’s how good it was.  Thank you Chef Cesar Ramirez!

Address: 200 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
Phone:    (718) 243-0050

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