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How to cook: Edamame

Jane   27 Feb , 2017  

I got a bag of fresh edamame last month from @myhomegrownorganics and I was so excited to cook them. My very first bag of fresh edamame 😛

Hooray for a bag of fresh edamame :)

Hooray for a bag of fresh edamame 🙂


But, first, I had this whole batch boiled and slit them out from their pods. It took me quite some time to take them all out, but it was relaxing to do so, actually haha…

Don't the look delish? :)

Don’t the look delish? 🙂


And then, I had them stored in the fridge so I can experiment a few batches with different recipes I found online. I got to tweak some a bit to my personal preference:


soy edamame

Soy Edamame


First up, SOY EDAMAME.

  • saute fried garlic in sesame oil
  • add soy sauce and sugar
  • mix in cooked edamame
  • salt and pepper to taste


buttered edamame

Buttered Edamame


Now, this, I love. Well, who doesn’t like butter? Introducing BUTTERED EDAMAME.

  • saute freshly chopped garlic in butter
  • mix in cooked edamame
  • add soy sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste


Cheesy Edamame

Cheesy Edamame

And, lastly, CHEESY EDAMAME.

  • mix salt and pepper into cooked edamame
  • mix in your favorite grated cheese
  • top it off with another generous layer of cheese
  • put in oven for a few minutes, depending on the size of the bowl


That’s it! I just used ingredients that I readily had at home, but I am looking forward to making more interesting ones when I have more time. How about you? Do you have recipes to share?



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