Life on A 3-day Juice Cleanse

Keri   4 Mar , 2015  

135. I haven’t seen those numbers in my scale since giving birth to my children. I know it’s still within the average weight for my height but I feel and look my best  at 120-125 pounds. To be honest , I’m also so tired of taking slimming teas and coffees and I’ve had it with all natural diet pills. My body needs to be rewired and do things the way it should be done in the first place- healthy diet and exercise.

To set the mood to a healthier (and hopefully, lighter ) me- I decided to go on a 3 day juice cleanse.  This will be my 3rd time to do it through juju cleanse (  They offer 3levels of juicing— and I would always go for the 3rd level wherein the juices were all composed of 5bottles of a mix of greens and 1 bottle of  Alkazest.  These juices are to be consumed at 730am, 10am, 1230pm, 3pm,530pm, and 8pm preferably.



Juju Guidelines

Juju Guidelines

Juju Guidelines

Juju Guidelines

Juju Schedule

Juju Schedule

The Green Bomb which is a mix of green veggies

The Green Bomb which is a mix of green veggies

My favorite, The Spicy Limonada- a palate cleanser after 3 bottles of Green Bombs

My favorite, The Alkazest- a palate cleanser after 3 bottles of Green Bombs




Cruising smoothly with the cleanse but started feeling hunger pangs at 2pm.  Took a quick nap and had another bottle at 3pm. This 4th bottle is a lifesaver because it’s the only Alkazest drink each day-  it is a mix of pineapple, grapefruit , and coconut juices.  All 5 bottles for the day are the Green Bombs.

Day 2

Woke up late today but feeling great and energetic.

OMG— 130 on the scale this morning! Now I’m really feeling motivated 🙂 Prepared my cooler with my juices cause Jane and I are going to Divisoria today to buy party goods— I hope I don’t eat her alive. Hahahaha:))

6pm— I’m hungry and looking at food shots on instagram and also printing healthy food recipes to try when my cleanse ends on Thursday.

930pm- can’t stop thinking about food. Sigh! One more day!

Day 3


Last and final day on the cleanse! Weee!!! I’m actually planning on what to have for breakfast, lunch ,and dinner tomorrow- some clear soup and salad 🙂 I sure don’t want all my hardwork to go down the drain by going back to my unhealthy eating.  I’m  really surprised that I didn’t feel my body go through any withdrawal symptoms for coffee.  I used to drink 2-3 cups daily, it’s amazing that I haven’t felt the need for it the past 3days.


May 8, 2015

130 lbs.  Slowly removing carbs and sweets from my diet but I’m proud to say that I haven’t had any soda or coffee since the cleanse and I’m feeling great.  I’m really happy that I went through with this cleanse. It really gave me a wake up call to take care of my body and become healthier by making the right food choices.


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