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LJ bakes with Chef Jackie Ang Po at MindChamps Greenhills

Jane   20 Mar , 2018  

For Women’s Month which is this March, MindChamps invited female employees who took on roles that are known to be more male-oriented. As finale to this culminating series, they invited my good friend Chef Jackie Ang Po to teach the kids how to bake pizza and cookies!


First up was pizza. I got in just in time when the kids were about to apply tomato sauce and toppings such as cheese and pineapple 😀




In between prepping for the chocolate chip cookes, LJ showed me her adorable chef’s hat that they designed on their own. How cute, right?


Ahya JJ tagged along and helped us out.


The kids all had fun taking turns mixing the ingredients together:


And here’s the outcome of the mixed ingredients, scooped by all the MindChamps students.


And what do you know, the pizza is ready!


And all the kids got to bring home goodies from Del Monte, too!


Here’s more of what happened, just watch the video:



Admittedly, I’ve been so busy that I don’t have time to squeeze in baking sessions at home. So glad that MindChamps Greenhills offers this on a regular basis as part of their education program 🙂 Here I am with Chef Penk Ching of MindChamps Greenhills, with my son JJ, and Chef Jackie Ang Po with her two kids.



Thank you and looking forward to more of these sessions 😀

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