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LJ’s very first CNY celebration in MindChamps Greenhills

Jane   20 Feb , 2017  

Another reason to celebrate with shobe: Chinese New Year in MindChamps Greenhills! Here she is in her complete Chinese costume, given by her guawa/mamita. Down to the shoes, which didn’t fit, so we turned them into slip-ons haha…



As soon as everyone settled in,  we were surprised with a traditional (and exquisite) lion dance program.

IMG_1945 IMG_1946 IMG_1950 IMG_1956



After which, our children got to go up on stage to sing, dance and greet us Xin Nien Kuai Le. It seems shobe and the rest of classmates are getting the hang of going on stage to perform, which I like very much! Here she is, waving at us!


Here is the video I uploaded in IG and my youtube account:

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone 😀


For those who are wondering where our first born is, ahya JJ is in school 🙂

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