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Mid-year with MindChamps Greenhills

Jane   12 Dec , 2017  

Recently, hubby and I had our very first PTC by MindChamps Greenhills. Now, parents are hardly allowed inside the campus proper, so it was a thrill to see shobe’s works on display 🙂 To those who are wondering why parents aren’t allowed to go inside, I think you’d agree with me on this that our children have to get used to being independent. Seeing us, even for just a few seconds, can rewire their brain to thinking they “cannot” be independent and would start crying and looking for us. I know this is so difficult, but these are the tough love moments that we have to endure. Imagine, me and hubby seeing this artwork of hers, with pictures of her in action. It was an “achievement unlocked” for us 😀

Mindchamps LJ Cheng


As soon as we entered the classroom, we were presented with these. How organized!


And for those who have difficulty reading in Chinese, there’s a small sheet right next to it with translations to English: IMG_6971

MindChamps Greenhills, being a Singaporean school has its fair share of Mandarin subjects. Even in this letter addressed to us, parents. It’s also in Chinese.


Fret, not! The teacher was so thoughtful to prepare a note in English, explaining what the letter is all about.IMG_6973 IMG_6974

Now, going to the nitty gritty of things. The teacher also prepared a powerpoint presentation of shobe and her performance over the past few months. I must say, that we are very impressed!IMG_6975


Here are some of the highlights:

July 21: Smell This activity

where the students tried guessing what the items are inside the bottles by using their sense of smell. IMG_6976

July 20: I for Igloo

Painting activity where they painted the igloo in blue paint. The kids wore apron for extra protection, and used cotton buds to paint. Less mess, what a great idea!


June 24: Number 2 – My Maracas

The kids made their very own maracas with used water bottles filled with a few pieces of uncooked macaroni. A pair of these served as their maracas. Two maracas!


June 14: I’m a pirate

So this is how they teach the kids, with real props that they make on their own or with the students.


August 25: C for Cupcake

The teachers told us that LJ loves to bake and cook. It’s no wonder she had a great time with this activity. The note in this slide got me “kilig,” because she said this cupcake is “For mommy” and she counted all the sequins as she stuck them on the cupcake 😀

September 13: Shapes from the Treasure Box

This was an exciting activity. The students were presented with a treasure box full of puzzles. Completing them into different shapes. She had slight difficulty with the triangle, but did great in square, rectangle and circle. Hooray!


October 12: Dolphin for Daddy

How sweet of the school to think of activities like these, so they can bring home and give to us. This time, a dolphin for daddy that she made with pre-cut papers, and googly eyes that tested her motor skills, too!


Gourmet Moments

This is one of the many activities that ONLY MindChamps has. The students get to cook, bake and fry almost every week, if I am not mistaken. It’s really one of LJ’s favorite activites in MindChamps.

Creativity and Theatrical Strategies

What does this mean? This is for all their story telling activities, where the kids get to choose roles and play them out. This time, LJ volunteered to be Mr. Seahorse, what a wonderful way to encourage kids and be proactive.


What a wonderful few months with MindChamps Greenhills. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for LJ in the next few months. Now, time to pick her up and look what she has: a beautiful peacock for momma!

For inquiries and appointments for school tours, you may get in touch with MindChamps in facebook. Location is at 7th Floor LHK Square 288 N. Domingo Street, Brgy. Pasadena, San Juan City (0.73 mi)
282 N. Domingo Street 1500 or call 027242677 for appointments.

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