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Keri   29 Aug , 2014  

One of my favourite cities in the world is Seoul. Thanks to the Korean Drama hit Boys over Flower, not only have I grown to love South Korea, I now enjoy Korean dishes as well. During my last visit last May with my family, I made it a point to see Nami Island. And it was just how I imagined it to be , minus the “Winter Sonata” snow. Peaceful and picturesque. The kids and I , together with their dad, enjoyed biking around the small island.

New Leads for the Winter Sonata remake

the most ideal way to go around Nami Island

on a short ferry ride to Nami Island

Earlier in the day, we were able to visit the Garden of Morning Calm which is a few minutes away.


The place is breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely worth visiting.
Before heading back to our hotel in Seoul, we dropped by Petite France located in Gyeonggi province. Staying true to its name, it really looks like a small french village with a “Little Prince” theme. Several Kdramas such as Secret Garden and most recently, My Love From Another Star (my current super favourite) have been shot here.

One of the most memorable scenes from My Love From Another Star was shot at Petite France

I really enjoyed this trip because we were able to visit so much places.   The DMZ, the Trickeye Museum at Hondae, and we were able to see the new Hologram concert hall at Everland (South Korea’s answer to Disneyland) featuring 2NE1,Psy, and Bigbang.

visiting the Seoul Tower/ Namsan Tower is a must when in Seoul

Energetic party vibe at Hongdae


Trickeye Museum in Hongdae is so much fun

Trickeye Museum at Hongdae


My husband I and were able to check out chic T-Lound bar/club at Cheongdam-dong. The place is amazing.  It has a relaxing,hip vibe .

T-Lound at Gangnam


We were able to catch one of Seoul’s popular musical shows called Nanta at Myeong-dong. The kids loved it so much they wanted to see it again but we were leaving already the next day. I guess there will always be a reason to visit Seoul again.

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