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Why you need Scott’s DHA Gummies

Jane   24 Nov , 2017  

A few months ago, I was invited to get first dibs on the latest kids’ supplement: Scott’s DHA Gummies. Held at Glorietta Activity Center, the area was transformed into a fun exploration camp where an orange submarine served as the entrance to unlimited possibilities for you and your children.





Once you go through the “submarine,” we were greeted by Jon Derrick Lee, Country Head for Skin Health and Nutrition, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines.



Here are some alarming findings that I learned that day:

I have three kids from different age groups, each with different needs and concerns that I have to address. So I totally agree with this slide where their needs changes as they grow up, all the more when they start going to school. IMG_9239


“By the age of 6, a child’s brain by weight is already 90% developed. It is therefore crucial for children during their early years to take DHA to help their brain development,” said Jon. “But we understand that some moms might find it difficult for their growing child to drink milk, or struggle to eat DHA-rich foods such as fish. Scott’s DHA Gummies is a perfect supplement to a child’s diet to ensure he gets DHA in a convenient and yummy format.” IMG_9242


Now, what is DHA? DHA is Docosahexaenoic Acid (I know, it’s a mouthful to say haha…) that is an essential fatty acid for healthy brain development and normal brain growth.  With just 3 gummies (their recommended daily serving), your child can get the recommended 15% intake of DHA, as per World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States of America.



We were given these sampler packs after the talk, and all lucky mall goers who passed by that weekend got to bring home a pack each for them to try.



Shobe LJ couldn’t stop munching on them on the way home that I had to set them aside haha… Here she is hugging them so tight! She didn’t want to let them go 🙂



The fact that the kids love these Scott’s DHA Gummies makes taking supplements a lot easier. I believe in starting them young, helping them to prepare for their future. And as you all know, DHA plays an important role in helping the brain to development and reach its full potential.


Oh, and you know what I just learned that day? This is for all the parents from my generation, did you know that Scott’s DHA Gummies boast of a patented technology that seals in the benefits of fish oil without the unpleasant taste and smell. How cool is that? Our kids are so lucky that they don’t have to take in fish oil like we did hahaha… Thanks to technology and to Scott’s DHA Gummies 🙂 There’s no reason not to stock up on these sweet and nutritious Scott’s DHA Gummies.



*For more information on Scott’s DHA Gummies, visit Scott’s DHA Gummies is available in Mercury Drug, Watson’s and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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