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Keri   11 Mar , 2015  

My son Rocco loves celebrating his birthdays with big parties and a lot of friends.    I usually get stressed when it’s his turn to celebrate because he always wants a unique , fun , and “unrepeated theme” party.  Since he was turning 10, and has a huge collection of Nerf guns, plus he goes to an all boys school, I suggested a Nerf War Party.  To my relief, he was happy and excited for it.

Here are the steps I took to organize a Nerf War:

1.  So I researched on game rules, and what types of games would be suitable for their age , safety attire/equipment, design of the war zone,  etc.  WWW. is a great site for this.  I decided on 2 games for the boys.  Catch the Flag wherein both camps race and battle to get the other’s flag from their base and must return to their designated camps with the other’s flag,  and the other game is Defend the Fortress – In this scenario one team will be charged with defending a designated position with boundaries that they cannot go past (they cannot go on the offensive, but only defend). The other team may make attacks into and out of the boundaried area and try to eliminate all the defenders. This is a time limited game (5-10 minutes) – if the defenders can hold out at the fortress with at least one soldier left then they win, but if the attackers can eliminate all the defenders then they win.

2.    Made a quick trip to Divisoria to buy giveaways and prizes.

3.  Called my ever reliable party organiser, Jelly Bellies (mobile no.09175312433), for a good host and some balloon decor, ice cream, cotton candy, fries, and some game booths.

4.  Fixed the party menu ( Goldilocks – spaghetti, barbecue, palabok,  lumpiang shanghai and assorted chicken from Kyochon Greenhills 🙂

5.  Booked a nice air-conditioned basketball court for the Nerf War battlefield.

6.  Printed invites and included the Nerf War Rules and what to bring inside the envelope.  I also forwarded the game rules via email to the party host, Arvin.

7.  With the help of talented art students we were able to come up with beautiful camo designed boxes for the battlefield.

8.   Ordered around 350  Nerf foam bullets at  If you decide to have the guests bring their own bullets, they can write their initials on their darts so they know who owns which after the “war”.











Nerf war Battlefield


Dividing the boys into teams


Explaining the Nerf War Rules


Getting ready for battle


Cake Destroyers





The games really gave the boys a good workout,  they really had so much fun.  And it was really cute to watch them strategize and execute their plan.

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  1. Chay says:

    Hi. May I know the venue for your nerf war party? Thank you.

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