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New Flavors from Fruits in Ice Cream FIC

Jane   23 Feb , 2017  

I’d like to think Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) changed the whole ice cream ball game here in the Philippines. It was them who pushed the ice cream industry to produce better quality ice cream. They are the pioneers when it comes to premium ice cream. So, when I got invited to the sneak preview of their four new flavors, I got curious!


Fruits in Ice Cream has four new flavors

Fruits in Ice Cream has four new flavors


Paying tribute to how the olden times would make ice cream… that is, by freezing milk flavored with fruits, nuts or honey, FIC got inspired to come up with their own version of the Frozen Custard (also named as the “Original Recipe Ice Cream”) will launch this March with four flavors:  Mantecado Real, Espresso, Vanilla Bean, and Dark Chocolate Truffle.


To celebrate FIC’s 20th anniversary (my goodness, it has been that long already!), they took inspiration in going back to the ice cream’s heritage, with its simple beginnings of the frozen custard. The FIC Frozen Custard is richer, creamier, luxurious, and indulgent—Yum! And you know why? Because, as the name (custard) implies, it has eggs in it. This Frozen Custard line does have eggs, “Spray Dried Pasteurized Whole Eggs,” which contains no preservatives or additives. It goes under a process that meets strict sanitary standards, pasteurizing it to kill bacteria and Salmonella, then spray dried to remove water to make the eggs more stable. Are you still with me? To make it more simpler and reassuring, the process is similar to that used to create “SPRAY DRIED” full cream milk powders.


Here are the four flavors:

Got to taste all four of Fruits in Ice Cream's newest offerings

Got to taste all four of Fruits in Ice Cream’s newest offerings


MANTECADO REAL is an ice cream or frozen dessert flavor made popular in Cuba, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Spain-influenced Philippines.  “When I hear Mantecado, this suggests an era when desserts were made to be truly rich and luxurious,” shares Osang, The Food People, Inc.’s (FIC) R&D Chief. I felt the same way when I took a bite of it. So creamy and smells so good, too!


VANILLA BEAN. This flavor is my all-time favorite and I am very particular with this basic flavor. And what do you know? It met my expectations of being a gourmet ice cream. Why? In FIC’s Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard, they use real Vanilla fruit pods, giving it that enticing and comforting aroma and taste is naturally and originally derived. Perfecto!


ESPRESSO is very rich with its Arabica coffee beans blended with dark roasted coffee extracts.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I love the smooth and rich blend this flavor delivers. I can’t wait to introduce this to my husband who loves coffee.


DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE has the superior quality Callebaut cocoa powder and chocolate products, also commonly referred to as “the” Belgian chocolate. It’s packed with flavor and chocolate bits, making sure every bite bursts into a mouthful of flavor. And who doesn’t love truffle shavings?


To end the sweet afternoon, I had a photo taken with these two former colleagues: David Celdran and Angel Jacob 🙂

Me with Angel Jacob: David Celdran calls us his "alagas," we'd like to call him our mentor hehe...

Me with Angel Jacob: David Celdran calls us his “alagas,” we’d like to call him our mentor hehe…



To know more about FIC, visit their website, follow them on facebook, and add them on instagram.

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