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Not-Your-Usual Halloween Looks

Jane   29 Oct , 2014  

For some of my friends, Halloween is the most important holiday, even more than Christmas. I’m sure you have those friends as well 😉 And my facebook feed was filled with Halloween costume ideas for either their kids or themselves. One of the coolest I’ve seen is a post from my friend Mitzi Duque-Ruiz of her daughter’s “makeup test” — it was haughtingly beautiful! *insert eerie music here*

Guerrero makeup

I couldn’t resist asking Mitzi who was behind this amazing work. The lady who is responsible for this is her brother’s girlfiend, Carmela “Chyla” Guerrero; and she has a lot of experience to back her credibility as a makeup artist and more!

This 26-year-old is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas with a degree on Industrial Design, which comes as no surprise to me as she is so talented. UST has been known to be one of the best creative hubs for honing artists. Read on to find out more about this young lady:

What were you doing before you got into makeup?
CG: I was an exhibition and set designer for various companies like CITEM and GMA scenarios. It all evolves around conceptualizing, designing, and executing sets used in trade expositions or television shows.
chyla guerrero 3
How and why did you choose this industry?
CG: It has always been my passion for art that got me into this industry and that is what I think what sets me apart from the rest. I’ve always loved anything that has to do with me drawing, painting or creating. I treat every face as my canvass even when I do natural or the “no makeup look.” With that said, avant garde and Halloween makeup looks are my all-time favorites. I love how challenging it is, and how freely I can express myself.
Chyla Guerrero makeup 2 And then you joined a competition, right?
CG: I joined Shu Uemura’s Eye-conic makeup competition August of last year and won the grand prize. It was a 3-day competition where we were asked to create or recreate avant garde looks. It was nerve wrecking since it was the only competition I’ve ever joined that involved makeup. A lot of my competitors were using airbrush and templates that I didn’t have that time. They made their looks two times faster than I was, since I was doing everything manually and traditionally. I was blessed on the last day when they announced no one can use non-Shu Uemura products including airbrush which made the competition equal. My opponents were tough, because they were all really talented and creative: the top 3 all studied Fine Arts.
chyla guerrero makeup 1When did you start doing Halloween makeup?
CG: I started doing Halloween makeup on myself and posting it online last year. One of my first looks was Darth Maul and Jack Skelington and got positive feedbacks. I then created more looks, experimenting on scary faces, movie characters, fictional characters, etc.
  IMG_2773chyla guerrero 4 IMG_2812 IMG_2841 IMG_3081 10748876_10152376304610689_390412421_nchyla guerrero 3
Halloween makeup starts from P2,000, depending on how complicated the look is. Check out her instagram account for more of her works at @chylaguerrero, or visit her website at For those who are interested, you may get in touch with her at 0917-8289249, or
Happy Halloween!!!

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5 Responses

  1. rikki says:

    galing! 🙂

  2. Laney says:

    Galing totally, i agree with Rikki! I also love Halloween myself and my 3 kids would be bugging me to do their makeups for Hallowen, (but i don’t know how to make spooky makeup!) so i would deny their requests hahahaha. But now thank you for the info. I would try it out next Halloween, And for your info, im Laney Jane Cassediy ramos

    • Jane says:

      Hi Laney Jane,
      Sorry, I just had to say/write your first two names hehe… Because we’re having a baby girl, and we want her two names to start with L and J! What a coincidence… and J would either be named after me or we’ll play it around and maybe name her Jean hehe…
      Anyways, enough about that! Glad you liked this post, and it has inspired you to be more creative next year 😉
      Hope you’ll be a regular blog visitor!

    • rikki says:

      Hi Laney! Oh how I’d love to see your Halloween looks for next year 😉

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