Noma Made Me Eat Veggies (and it was worth it!)

Keri   17 Nov , 2014  

FacebookTwitterThere was no way I would be visiting Copenhagen without dining in Noma.  Even if my fingers were forming blisters already,  I was going to keep refreshing the restaurant’s website til I get my reservation… and I did!  I didn’t read any reviews on the restaurant so as not to spoil my whole Noma experience […]

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DIY Norway In A Nutshell

Keri   10 Nov , 2014  

FacebookTwitterOne of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is Norway.  In fact, Disney’s Frozen patterned the country of Arendelle after the city of Bergen,  while the  castle was  inspired by the Akershus Fortress which is found in Oslo. Bergen was our first stop in Norway.  We stayed at the Clarion Collection Havnekontoret […]

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Big and Tall Men wear Ultimo

Jane   6 Nov , 2014  

FacebookTwitterStanding 6’5″, Vice Mayor Francis Zamora (our co-blogger Keri’s husband) is one man you will see from even a mile away! Literally, a big and tall man. I’ve always been surrounded with tall men. I have two brothers who are 6 footers as well. So, I know how hard it is to find clothes for […]

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Step into the Colorful World of Melissa

Jane   30 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitterI first discovered the Brazilian shoe brand Melissa online. After a few months, two of the owners (Joanna Co-Fong and Vida Chua, then both singles) got in touch with me and presented me with these candy-colored jelly shoes. This was about eight to ten years ago, when I was still heading a magazine.   I […]

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Not-Your-Usual Halloween Looks

Jane   29 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitterFor some of my friends, Halloween is the most important holiday, even more than Christmas. I’m sure you have those friends as well 😉 And my facebook feed was filled with Halloween costume ideas for either their kids or themselves. One of the coolest I’ve seen is a post from my friend Mitzi Duque-Ruiz of […]

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Going around the World in One Night with Melissa

Keri   23 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitter  Melissa launched their Winter 2015 collection recently at the SM Aura with an exhibit, a fashion show, and an interactive “trompe l’oeil” museum. This amazing collection includes designs by Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood,  Fernando and Humberto Campanas, and J. Maskrey. m   For more information on their collection and store locations you […]

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A Glimpse of Stockholm

Keri   10 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitterLooking down above Sweden from the plane I couldn’t help but be in awe of how clean and green the place is.  So many trees, clean water,  and not a single trash in sight.  How I wish our country can learn and adapt some of their methods in keeping our environment healthy for everyone. You […]

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About Us

Flats and Stilettos   9 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitterWith the rise of online sites in the recent years, we  (Jane Kingsu-Cheng and Keri Zamora) felt that there are only a handful of blogs that cater to women like us — young and passionate moms. Hence, the birth of Flats and Stilettos. We feel that this phrase best represents us the most, since we’re […]

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My Traveling 101

Keri   9 Oct , 2014  

FacebookTwitter1.  Check the hipmunk app for the best flights and fares 2.  Check tripadvisor for good hotels and restaurants  that will fit your budget 3.  Check for hotel rates 4.  Pack 1-2 neutral colored coats and boots (if you’re visiting some place cold)       5.   Take 2-3 scarves to brighten up […]

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Mega Magazine’s Biggest Fashion Issue

Keri   24 Sep , 2014  

FacebookTwitter When  senior stylist, Jef Froda, asked me if it would be okay for Mega Magazine to feature me as September’s Mega Woman I was truly surprised and honored. I had a great time during the shoot with Jef and Kit Singson and was relieved to have photographer  Dookie Ducay , hair stylists and make […]

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