Seouled on Seoul

Keri   29 Aug , 2014  

FacebookTwitterOne of my favourite cities in the world is Seoul. Thanks to the Korean Drama hit Boys over Flower, not only have I grown to love South Korea, I now enjoy Korean dishes as well. During my last visit last May with my family, I made it a point to see Nami Island. And it […]

Fashion & Beauty

Power Tubes – Feel good with these pretty lippies

Jane   22 Aug , 2014  

FacebookTwitterThe ghost month is done and over! Yesterday, August 25, marked the first day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. Are you still following? hehe… And what a stressful month it has been for everyone, be it on a personal note or for the nation, even for the whole world! Time to get […]

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Fashion & Beauty

Basic Makeup Tools to Keep You Looking Fresh — in less than a Minute each!

Jane   22 Aug , 2014  

FacebookTwitterPutting on makeup can be overwhelming for most. But once you get the hang of it and realize the beauty and the artistry that goes with it, you will get to appreciate the products, the tools, and the techniques that come with it. That’s what I’ve learned way back when I was first exposed to […]

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