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Pampers help Us get enough Sleep

Jane   10 Apr , 2015  

If you follow my instagram account, you would know that the whole Cheng family (except our first born JJ) is sick. We’re all sick with intestinal flu and our 4.5-month-old baby girl LJ has on-and-off fever that reached 39.3! Jane Kingsu Cheng IG post on LJ fever

As of this writing at 9AM, we’re all better. Hubby had it the worst. Most probably because he ate the most that evening…

Despite this, it gives me great relief that our children still had enough sleep. That is the most important to me. Although both kids have the same appetite as before when they got sick, it helps that they still sleep soundly. It also helps that we use Pampers diapers to keep them dry all throughout. With its magic-gel technology and fast-drying features, I am assured that our babies have good sleeps… leading to extra happy dispositions, and us, adults, getting enough sleep as well 🙂  Just look at the photo above with baby LJ still smiling!

Yesterday’s holiday break was a bummer, but we’re looking forward to this weekend 😀

Cheers to the weekend, with the new "Candy Crush" theme beddings I made for her hihi...

Cheers to the weekend, with the new “Candy Crush” theme bed linens I made for her hihi…




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