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Raising Confident Girls

Jane   9 Mar , 2018  

Today, I celebrate with all the women all over the world: International Women’s Day.


But more than anyone, I celebrate my 3-year-old feisty and spunky daughter, LJ.  So full of life and confidence, and she doesn’t take no for an answer, BTW. She’s me, ten times fold. Imagining what she can be and what she will be in a few more years excites and scares me. A part of me can’t wait, but a part of me wants to put time on a stand still.



But that is life, growing up and growing old is inevitable. One of the few integral things I can give to our children (and not just my daughter) is the value of knowing your worth. Let me share with you some of my favorite and personal women empowerment memories that I hope to apply in raising LJ:


  1. All you need is a little push.
    I was raised by a spunky and super friendly grandmother, who I hung out by the Chinese temple where she chatted away with her friends. I remember they gushed on how good I sang… well, it’s because she kept on pushing me to sing with all my heart. I guess this was the start of my singing career which lead me to join singing competitions in school.
  2. Discovering potentials.
    My mother saw that I had a knack for creating things. I think this started with my super OC dad working on my school projects, while I watched him make them. Then, I started copying and creating these projects on my own. I was always up for a challenge and to show my dad I can make them, too!
    This lead to my mother enrolling me in all sorts of classes: cooking, baking, arts and crafts. I am  grateful for my mother who saw my potential, some great life skills, too!
  3. Always be there.
    My parents have always gotten high grades in school, both were also active in their own chosen interests also. But, as expected, my mom was the tiger mom. I wasn’t allowed to join any extracurricular activities if I don’t bring home good grades.
    My dad, on the other hand, has always supported me when it comes to joining activities that make us stay in school late at night. My dad also played a big role in boosting my confidence level. The mere fact that he picked me up after school, and after hours of practice (school programs) and training (in sports), meant a lot to this once-little-girl.


These three are some of the memories that kept me going all these years, making me feel that I can do anything. #RealBeauty comes from being a #ConfidentGirl, and that will always start from us as parents.


I recently attended a gathering of moms, hosted by Dove and Mommy Mundo. It was great to be surrounded with fellow mothers who are beautiful in their own ways. I got emotional just hearing them share their stories.

dove mommymundo 1


To inspire us some more, here’s a video link + a Dove module to equip us on how to raise a #ConfidentGirl.



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