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Jane   23 Mar , 2015  

I was invited by my good friend Mich to her sister’s company’s intimate lunch last week. Together with three other partners, they brought in Ready Steady Go Kids. I’ve heard of this program last year from friends and in my facebook feed. I guess they are more confident now on their offerings, as they officially launched their company with last week’s luncheon at Balesin Isalnder room in Alphaland Makati Place.

Ready Steady Go Kids

Ready Steady Go Kids is a program with Australian roots. It works on teaching preschoolers the fundamentals of 10 different sports that help in developing and enhancing their gross and fine motor skills. These sports include football, tennis, basketball, hockey, golf, Aussie Rules Football, rugby, athletics, cricket, and T-ball.

Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines General Manager John Paul Paglinawan shared that they “believe in the value of introducing sports at an early age, and want to spark enthusiasm for physical activity among children who are now to immersed in gadgets.” So true! I think most of us, parents, are guilty of this.

Press people listening to Ready Steady Go Philippines General Manager John Paul Paglinawan

Press people listening to Ready Steady Go Philippines General Manager John Paul Paglinawan

“We want to encourage kids to drop their gadgets, go out to the real world, and have fun. Morever, sports not only promotes physical health but also builds children’s confidence and character. This is why we decided to bring the program to the Philippines, to jump start kids towards the path of health and shape positive attitudes early on,” said Paglinawan.

The program’s Business Development Executive and Coach Meriel Del Roasario added that “The program helps produce well-rounded kids who are confident and competent and can relate well to others. It also boosts school readiness as each class requires them to listen and follow directions and it also makes them knowledgeable on different types of sports.”

Now, these 45-minute sessions (a program will have 8 sessions) will not make your child a pro at a certain sport, but it will give your child an idea on which sports they might find of interest to pursue. These classes are also structured based on different age groups, to ensure that specific needs are addressed depending on whether kids belong to the READY group (2.5 to 3 years), STEADY group (3 to 5 years), or GO group (5-7 years). Each age group’s curriculum is tailor-fit, to cater to kids’ varying attention span, learning curves, and physical capabilities. It also assists them in learning how to follow instructions and participate as well.

We were given a sneak peek of what happens during a READY session downstairs. Here are some of the videos:

What I love about the earlier session I witnessed (the videos above) is that the teachers/coaches are qualified trainers with early childhood and coaching experience, and Level 1 Coaching qualification from Australia. Each class always has one trainer competent in First Aid for preschoolers, too! All their equipment are shipped from Australia as well.

Classes are done every weekend in Greenheights Village, The City Club, Treston International College, and Valle Verde 5. Del Rosario adds that Ready Steady Go Kids integrates sports, learning, and fun in an environment that hones kids who are ready to face the real world. “Our program gives kids a head start on the healthy lifestyle by educating them early about the benefits of physical activity and exercise. Moreover, it decreases childhood obesity, increases confidence, and prepares children for participation in school and the broader community.”

For more information and available schedules, please visit readysteadygokids.com.ph and look for them in facebook and instagram. You may also e-mail them at info@readysteadygokids.com.ph or call 631-1497. They have an early bird discount rate of 20% if you book before March 30, so hurry and click on this link for the available schedules.

If you’re interested in the program but want to enroll in a free trial class first, please call (02) 631-1497 or mobile numbers (0917) 863-0094 for Globe and (0919) 993-6189 Smart to check availability of slots in any of our areas. Trial slots will be limited during the summer period.

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