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Styling Tips for Your Daughter’s Prom

Keri   18 Mar , 2018  

I love dressing up my 16 year old daughter. If only I can choose all the items in her wardrobe , I would . But she and I are quite different . While I enjoy shopping , I’m proud to say that she’s very practical . Amanda will not shop unless it’s needed ( for example, when her pair of Converse sneakers were terribly worn out and had holes already). So it can get frustrating for me because even if I want to shop for her, I know I’ll just be hearing a lot from her – that  she is fine with whatever is in her closet already.

The only chance I get to choose outfits for her is  when she needs to attend big / important events. Prom is one of them . So you can imagine the excitement I go through when I am given the chance to free-handedly style her .  This is going to be her first prom experience in her new school for Senior High and I wanted to make sure she’ll look and feel  awesome.

It’s important for me to take her age in consideration when choosing dress styles . She is only 16, I wouldn’t want her to look older than that.  But also, I didn’t want her to look too “pabebe” / overly sweet. Choosing the right color is crucial too, I prefer steering away from dark earth colors and making sure the shade matches her skin tone .

I must say , she’s very easy to dress because she’s very tall at 5’9 with a slim frame . But in general, I follow 3 things : Accentuate, Balance , and Camoulage . Well , lucky for her  and for me , there’s really nothing to camouflage 🙂

I was browsing through my designer friend’s , Maureen Disini, (who was  my schoolmate  back in High School)  IG account and found the perfect dress for Amanda.  I sent a message to Maureen and asked if it would be possible to have the dress made with less cleavage and a lighter color.


It was great timing since she was sourcing materials abroad , she found a nice peach shade of tulle for Amanda’s dress and we decided to work with that.




The dress was a dream, it was sweet but not overly sweet, light, and simple but not too simple (with a 6 layered tulle bottom).





I also found champagne colored shoes for Amanda at Naturalizer! I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible so I was pretty amazed that they made shoes for formal occasions too! These are made with extra cushioning for your soles.

I kept her jewelry at a minimum with a pair of diamond studs  and a simple necklace 🙂

Next step was to find a good make up artist. Again, since she’s only 16, I wanted her make up to be “pretty” , nothing too heavy.  Falsies play a big factor so please choose the most natural looking ones.

Thank you, Nikki Duque, for doing an awesome job on Amanda! <3

Nikki working her magic on Amanda

Nikki working her magic on Amanda

Make Up By Nikki Duque <3

Make Up By Nikki Duque <3


Success! So happy I was able to achieve this look for Amanda.  She really looked like a doll!






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