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Hooray for Meat-free Pizza Goodness

Jane   22 Feb , 2017  

I grew up with a mom who is part Buddhist, part Catholic. Confused? Well, that’s for another blog post. The reason why I shared this tidbit is because I learned to love veggies and veggie-meat through her. Thank goodness Shakey’s Philippines is offering meat-free pizzas until March 31, replacing our favorite meat toppings (beef, bacon, […]

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Movie Munch: Cheetos Snack Fest

Jane   17 Feb , 2017  

I don’t remember watching a movie without ordering a snack at the very least. My husband and kids love to munch while watching movies, and I am so excited to share with them (and you) Tater’s latest limited offering:   Who doesn’t love Cheetos? It’s my go-to snack ever since I can remember! This year, […]

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Easy Recipe: Chicken Salpicao

Jane   2 Mar , 2015  

Almost every dish that I prepare evolves from the very first time I introduced it to my family, depending on who has special requests with regards to the dish. Take our Chicken Salpicao:   Because this was lunch for the kiddos, I used ground chicken meat with sliced button mushrooms and lots of Salpicao sauce. […]

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