Grande Rice Bran Oil, The Healthier Choice

Keri   12 Jul , 2017  

Rice Bran Oil is extracted from the middle layer of the husk and the grain wherein it is rich in natural antioxidants. Using the extraction and physical refinement processes of Grande, it was able to produce one of the healthiest oils for cooking. Grande Rice Bran Oil is called the Olive Oil of the East […]

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How to cook: Edamame

Jane   27 Feb , 2017  

I got a bag of fresh edamame last month from @myhomegrownorganics and I was so excited to cook them. My very first bag of fresh edamame 😛   But, first, I had this whole batch boiled and slit them out from their pods. It took me quite some time to take them all out, but it […]

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Easy Recipe: Chicken Salpicao

Jane   2 Mar , 2015  

Almost every dish that I prepare evolves from the very first time I introduced it to my family, depending on who has special requests with regards to the dish. Take our Chicken Salpicao:   Because this was lunch for the kiddos, I used ground chicken meat with sliced button mushrooms and lots of Salpicao sauce. […]

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